Promoting the ecotourism potential of the Waterberg Wild Dogs

Ecotourism Project

From approximately June – August, the WWDI works with private properties to help facilitate an ecotourism project to bring guests in to see the packs during their denning season and raise funds to support the private properties hosting them during this critical time.

The Waterberg Wild Dogs are a free-roaming population in the region. Outside of the denning season, the packs range across over 175,000Ha and over 80 different privately owned properties. The denning season is the most reliable time of the year to have a chance to see the incredible population. The Waterberg Wild Dog Ecotourism Project leverages the opportunity to view free-roaming African wild dogs in their natural environment while they are relatively stationary in the area around their den site and uses the funds raised to mitigate the impact of the pack on the private properties hosting them. This form of co-existence seeks to help offset the financial impact of the packs’ localised predation on the private properties supporting the dogs during this critical time.

The facilitation of the Waterberg Wild Dog Ecotourism Project depends on whether the packs settle into a den, the accessibility of the area around their den, and the support of the private properties hosting them. If ecotourism opportunities are available, the WWDI will advertise on this page and on social media.

For more information about the Waterberg Wild Dog Ecotourism Projects, please download the project reports from the 2021, 2022, and 2023 TOOG Pack Ecotourism Projects.

Booking Enquiry

Contact the WWDI to enquire about upcoming ecotourism booking opportunities. Please note, unless a project is being actively advertised, your enquiry will be recorded as a pre-booking and a member of the WWDI team will be in contact. Bookings will only be confirmed upon availability of ecotourism opportunities.